How to play Coin Master on computer

Many people don’t want to play on their phone because the screen is too small or the games or games drain their battery. Well, there is 2 simple solutions to this problem so let’s get started!

Solution 1: Play on Facebook

Many people don’t know this. You can either download the game on your phone and play it and then you can play with your friends if you link your account to Facebook. But that is not all. You can actually play the game on Facebook as well. Click here and you will be redirected to a Facebook game. You can also just switch to Facebook if you want from your phone. Simple go to your game on your phone, connect the game with the Facebook account and that’s it! You can open the game on your computer on Facebook and uninstall from your phone. All of your progress will be saved on Facebook and you can pick the game up where you left off. But, as this is as easy as it seems, many people don’t have or don’t want to share their details with Facebook. Well, lucky for you there is another solution for this.

Solution 2: Install android emulator on your computer

Don’t let this intimidate you. This is not hard. It’s easy as downloading and installing a simple program, well, that’s basically it. There are many good android emulators on the internet, but I use Bluestacks for a while now. The only thing you will need is a Google account and that is it. The emulator is free to download and you can make a free Google account or link to your existing one if you want. Click here to download Bluestacks and it’s great because you can install it on your PC or Mac which will cover most operating systems. Now that you have it downloaded, simply run it and install it. The process is simple. Once you got that handled, open up the Bluestacks program, follow the instructions there, login or create a new Gmail account. Go to Play Store, install Coin Master and that is it! You can now play on your computer!


There are 2 solutions to this. You can either share your info with Facebook and play it like that or you can just create a new Google account, link it to Bluestacks and enjoy it. One should be compatible with your needs and wishes, so enjoy!

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