Coin Master – the basic guide for beginners

Hello and welcome to my first post. Here I will explain what is this game about and what means what. Sit back and enjoy the read.

Learning the basics

This game is not that hard to play, but you should at least know a few things so you can get even better at the game. Let’s start with the basics and then you can advance.

  • Coins

Coins are your currency in the game and with them, you can buy everything you need in order to progress in the game. The cool thing about this is that you can generate more coins with our Coin Master Cheats.

  • Energy

With energy, you get your spins during the day. With every spin, you can get better loot. You will get energy every 20 minutes or so. After a while, you will learn to combo some stuff and you will get even more energy, but this is enough for now.

  • Thief

With this, you are able to loot other people well, steal the loot from other people. You can also ignore the shields if the enemy player has any. You are also able to choose what you steal which is great in specific situations.

  • Plunder

Plunder is similar to ability thief, but with plunder, you can only steal gold and you can’t ignore the shield if other players have it. You can still steal from other people if they have the shield, but you will steal less if the shield is active.

  • Shields

The shield is an ability that you can use if you want to protect your loot. People will still be able to take your loot, but they won’t be able to take as much as they would if you didn’t have the shield. And if someone is using Thief on you, the shield will not be able to protect you, but that doesn’t happen often.

That is it for now. Now you know everything you need to start playing the game. In the next few posts, we will talk more about tactics, but this is all you need to know for now.

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